Consulting and Coaching


For a business to succeed its leaders need a great vision and to execute with ruthless focus while keeping things simple and building for leverage. Here’s the thing, that vision and ability to execute is bound to your employees. The last thing you need is another person telling you what products to build or markets to target, especially as an external consultant.

When I consult with your business, my success is measured by my ability to help you focus on the execution, or science, of product management. This can take shape in different ways depending on your stage and needs.

I love working with startups and helping them think about their business and products. My product experience spans companies big and small across different industries and at different stages of growth. From heading product at Udacity for Enterprise to building out the product and business at Social Bicycles, I’ve defined, created and scaled products that people love and use everyday.

I help my clients build products better and faster to remain competitive as the pace of change increases across markets.

In addition to working full-time as a product leader I also advise a number of early stage startups developing new businesses in areas such as real estate, transportation and wellness. When I work with these companies I leverage my different experiences with building out new businesses and shipping products that people love. These experiences have shaped my approach to product and growth which I bring to my conversations with the companies I consult.

Coaching and Mentoring

I mentor other Product Managers through programs such as The Product Mentor and coaching programs I’ve established at companies where I work. Whether you’re an experienced product leader dealing with an inflection or a product manager early in your career, I’m happy to connect with you for a coaching session or introduce you to product leaders I know.