I Don’t Live Here…

… “because there’s been a murder in the trailer park tonight” …

I agree with Carly. I am absolutely tired of being tired.

I suppose the current reason for my tiredness is the mess that we all know to be the Spring edition of the Drexel Smart House course / competition. The fact that a competition turned into a credit University course still disturbs me … but then, I am still wrapping my mind around the complexity of the University as an institution.

Looking back at the length of this Spring I have only one comment: “It’s been one hell of an experience.” Fact: as of now, I have learned more about “roles” from this experience than any other singular event in my life. In addition to developing a philosophy of roles and actors, I have also begun to qualify the different patterns found in expectations, teamwork, and interpersonal dynamics.

Further, I have explored more of my personal design philsophy and techniques of practice and have made significant strides in discovering just what I do and do not like having to deal with as part of the design process.

On a topic of management and the coordination of others…Today was simply ridiculous; we contacted every member of our team, excluding the interiors, in order to bring everyone up to speed and also to organize our production efforts. Monday’s “smart” mid-review is fast approaching.

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