Momentum is One Tough Cookie to Break

Today was rather interesting. I learned more of the fine-tuned workings of an institution of higher education. This time, the lesson seems to be that momentum is one tough cookie to break … particularly when the economy is not “on your side” as it currently is not. I keep hearing people lamenting the slow down […]

Designing a Velodrome

My design critique tonight was relaxing. My concept for a velodrome was well received. There is obvious merit in my design scheme. My only concern for the future is that all of my involvements will distract me from giving this design the attention it deserves. In order to reach a satisfying evolution / solution … […]

I Don’t Live Here…

… “because there’s been a murder in the trailer park tonight” … I agree with Carly. I am absolutely tired of being tired. I suppose the current reason for my tiredness is the mess that we all know to be the Spring edition of the Drexel Smart House course / competition. The fact that a […]