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Just this Monday, during a brainstorming meeting for a new company, a friend of mine (Cody A. Ray) and I were paid one hell of a compliment (as we see it). See, the current team founding this company consists of five college-age guys, so I tend to think others my age are as up to date with the best of the software applications out in the market. Cody and I found out otherwise.

“How do you guys find all of these cool services?”

That was what all three of our teammates said when we began discussing (and demonstrating) our use of such applications as Remember the Milk (rmilk) and their integration with our igoogle and gmail. At the most basic level, these applications and their excellent user interfaces make for one hell of a project management system on the cheap. I personally look forward to the near future when we expand our “resume” to include the use of such services as those provided by lighthouse. I certainly find all of these to be lightyears better than the options of microsoft (though, I still love Office).

Anyways, our mutual answer to the question was that between the two of us we try almost every fancy (sometimes simple) shiny (sometimes rugged beta) new web service and/or application out there in addition to developing a few of our own.

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