The Pressure of Progress

There is so much occuring. Many changes each day, like grains of sand moving through the hour glass. With fresh eyes we see the world as it is and as it is becoming.

Today, social media and tomorrow, the world. Our societies are fast merging, melding, coupling. In little time we will be one, brothers and sisters in our global community. As we progress we continue to adapt ourselves to our changing circumstances and to our changing technologies. Rarely do we regress.

As they change, so we change. For us to change smoothly we must recognize that our beliefs must now evolve in step with our changing behaviors.

What we know as the web, like most human inventions, is both a thing of good and a thing of evil. After all, it is a thing of human invention ripped from our common conscious. Still, most of us now know that as humans we will always be learning, it is one thing we do better than all others. We won’t stop.

Where we are now is powerful to think about. Where we are going is awe inspiring.

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