Out with Analog

I have always wondered if we are going in the right direction with all of our technologies. Today, many seem to be contemplating the difference between an analog world and the digital. Either way, they are both rather indicative of the advanced technologies of their times. Today’s digital world is rather encompassing and pervasive. When riding […]

Intellectual and Artistic Works

I stumbled upon a great statement while reading The Macintosh Way by Guy Kawaski. “Macintosh software products are intellectual and artistic works. Like painting, sculpture, or music, they cannot be combined and remain either intellectual or artistic.” This statement is exactly how I was thinking as I delivered my opinion during last year’s executive board […]

Philosophical Frameworks

There are many philosophers and theologians who seek to develop a suitable framework for their fellow man to operate within while seeking their particular answers to the following driving questions. At the heart of most of these systems are these questions … Who am I?  Why am I here?  Where did I come from?  Where […]