Our Experiences Shape Us

When I take a moment for reflection, it strikes me that I have been living the last few months by the epiphany:

Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.

I need to look into just what the context was when Rodin stated this … but, for now I will simply settle for it fitting my current actions and to augment it with the addition of something like … the only way to actually know how tall you are is to get in over your head…

As I analyze my current activities and mental exercising … I think I must conclude that I am approaching the point where I will know how tall I am. I am contemplating a number of ideas and epiphanies that will send me under if I do not soon clarify and gain a command of them.

I don’t really desire having to take a day from paid work to reclaim some semblance of sanity, a practice I was forced to much of my last months at JMI. I think the urbanity of my surroundings will help me avoid such a break of self.

I find the freedom to walk anywhere rather than being forced to drive to be one of the most intellectually liberating discoveries I have come upon.

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