Designing a Velodrome

My design critique tonight was relaxing. My concept for a velodrome was well received. There is obvious merit in my design scheme. My only concern for the future is that all of my involvements will distract me from giving this design the attention it deserves.

In order to reach a satisfying evolution / solution … I think I may have to put in a number of low sleep or totally sleep deprived days/nights. I am confident that I will be able to reach an adequate design iteration, one that I can return to in later days.

From the perspective of my developing design mentality and philosophy this project brings good news. With the nudging of my design advisor / critic I believe I am now sure of my understanding of compositional techniques that create a non-static spatial entity.

I am introducing a piece of assymetry to the entrance via a long ramping promenade that is in part given secrecy / mystery by the introduction of a perplexingly simple “biowall” screen that will prolong the experience of “enterance” to the site.

I’d have to tally this form manipulation to that of a shell game of sorts. The key difference is that despite the mystery, once in the space, spectators will intuitively know the path to take.

On the topic of “shell” games … I now know that I enjoy exploring the interplay of form and context to provide significantly different perspecives of the “piece de resistance” at the epicenter of the site. Showing it from a distancem only to hide it as you move nearer, only to show it once more when you move out of the middle ground. Often, this play is the result of a manipulation of the ground plane. I find the best philosophical strain of inspiration to be found in that of Japanese gardens.

At the moment, I am not positive I am successfully achieving all of these solutions in a consistent manner due to my only devoting a few hours each week to sketching those design ideas I have been thinking of all week.

Then again, since I am seeing obvious results, perhaps I am simply getting better at the game that is a design studio … either that, or I am simply becoming more skilful in general.

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