Where did “Global Warming” Go?

It is currently 44 degrees on May 12th at 3pm in Philadelphia.

All I can say is so much for the idea of “global warming.”

I always did prefer the term “climate change.” I know, I know, it is so much less threatening … but it is also so much easier to validate because no matter the temperature or humidity … the climate is always changing.

As far as the “increases” as noted by Al Gore and others … I continue to run across scientific reports that contradicts their assertions. Such contradictions cite sun flare cycles, the build up of ice along parts of the polar ice caps that are not referenced by Gore et al. and the obvious statement that the world’s CO2 percentage only has comparable data going back less than 100 years and only in major metropolitan areas … which begs the obvious question / statement … since in the last 100 years, societies have seen a positive pattern of populations relocating from rural fields to city centers and suburbs … well, wouldn’t the increase in the density of the population explain the increase in the temperature and the CO2 in these city centers?

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